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Here are some gig and CD reviews

“The Man With Lucky Lips”, 13th & 14th February 2009 at The Rondo Theatre, Bath 
There were prizes. There were balloons. There was an air guitar competition. There were 100 kazoos playing Pretty Woman. There were the Smarmettes, and the audience blew a united raspberry to a caller on Bill’s Lucky Lips Love Line.
It wasn’t a quiet night at a packed Rondo as Twerton’s love guru and ladies’ man Bill Smarme brought his humour, music, innuendo, hair gel, and pint of room temperature Liebfraumilch to Larkhall for a St. Valentine’s bash.
There was more audience participation than in the average panto, but in spite of the almost constant hilarity, Bill and the band are excellent musicians, playing covers of some of your most cherished songs. But not as nature, or the original writer, intended.
He’s almost reached the Tommy Cooper status of making the audience smile by just being there, and his occasional bafflement or mistake can bring the house down.
If there’s ever been a more crowded, noisier, happier evening at The Rondo then it was probably on one of his previous visits. Bill’s Alright!!
Philip Horton, Bath Chronicle

“Smarme’s Moving Experience, Three More Nights at The Smarme’s Arms”, Bath Fringe Festival 2006, Lakeside Suite, Widcombe Social Club

Twerton’s loss is definitely Widcombe’s gain. Due to the ongoing refurbishment at The Smarm’e Arms, entertainer extraordinaire Bill Smarme has set up cabaret in the social club, complete with nibbles and even prizes for a select few. He has obviously collected a loyal following over his illustrious career, and the trademark leopard skin guitar and emphasis on sequins and bling add extra sparkle to to his sharp witted earthiness.

He’s a performer that makes you think of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer one minute and Benny Hill the next, and all of this is backed up by sound musicianship from him and his band The Bizness. Very familiar hits, mostly from the 50s and 60s are given a whole new lease of life with a slight change in lyrics and the results are uproarious. In the best traditions of cabaret, there’s a huge support cast, much of it local. And it’s all very slickly managed – nobody seems to go on for too long.

As is often the case with music makers, they gather others around them so we had superb banjo-ukelele from Graham, chirpy ukelel from Rik Tik Tik and guitar with gently nostalgic songs about Bath from DK Angus. And just to prove that other forms of entertainment exist, John Barclay gave us some neatly phrased performance poetry and there was a rivetting talk by Colin the Bus Conductor. It was a great night.

Judy Boyd, Bath Chronicle, Wed June 7th 2006

Review, Venue Magazine February 2009

This may be the only time you see Bill Smarme getting a 4 star review compared to Franz Ferdinand getting 3 stars!!

Didmarton Bluegrass Festival 1999

Long-time favourites Bill Smarme & The Business were Feavil! (a West Country (Somerset) phrase which translates roughly as Wicked!) (er…, Terrific to us oldies). How does Bill get away with it? He only has to change one word in a song and it becomes an instant festival hit! You give me feavil… indeed! But it was Bill, Sue, Mike and Phil who packed em in tightest, claimed greatest attention, got most encore screams, best reception and everything. Goes to show – clever bluegrass is one thing, entertainment is something else…

North West Bluegrass News Sept 1999