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Bath Fringe Festival shows

Here are some photos from our Bath Fringe Festival shows 2002 to 2018, courtesy of Andrew Swift, Sue Martin, Cactus, Moby, Cortinal et al.

Usually we share the stage with other musicians and performers and try to make it a “bit of a do”. For example, 2004 and 2005 were three nights of cabaret, featuring some of our favourite comedians, poets, actors and musicians. We changed venues for 2006 but kept the same successful format. Then in 2007 we decided to run a musical restaurant, where the audience chose what we played. 2008 was a walking tour of Widcombe, and 2009 was back to cabaret but this time we played at Bon Bon. We then did a Bad Taste restaurant show, a new CD launch, a Slow Coach to Cider, then to celebrate Bill’s new knee we did a Strictly Dancing show, and finally in 2018 an intimate show on a bus. You can find more pictures, posters and images of each show here and using the menu.