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Bill Smarme’s Christmas Down Under 2000

After last year’s sell-out Christmas concert at The Rondo, Bill Smarme went to Sydney to spend the festive season with his Aussie cousins, the Fosters. he returned convinced that this is how every Christmas should be.

So don’t get stuck in a Barbie queue (ouch), book early to witness the unlikely combination of Bath’s king of kitsch’n’sleaze with a hot, dusty, lager-swilling Australian Christmas, and all the festive trappings of baubles, tinsel, glitter and snow. (Snow?!)

As ever, the accent is on music – the band’s unique farrago of roots, rockabilly, stage musicals, pub-rock and counry. There’s bound to be a cringey Australian singalong in there somewhere, and there’ll be plenty of jokes and prizes thrown in for good measure.