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The Village Hall 2017

Come and be a part of Lower Swell’s Summer Festival where the Vicar of Lower Swell will introduce some bizarre and frankly quite nutty locals performing in The Village Hall, They will include former cabinet minister the Rt. Hon. Dickie Daventry, who will regale us with tales from the corridors of power and be plugging his memoirs. All chararcters are played by Edinburgh Fringe favourite Dave Lemkin.

Headlining will be special guests Bill Smarme & The Bizness who will be travelling all the way from Twerton to perform their unique comedic take on a farrago of musical genres. “International entertainer, ladies’ man, household maintenance contractor” Bill Smarme and his band will play songs of binder twine and Twerton, marmalade and murder, all with tongue firmly in cheek and in the best possible taste!























Reviews For Dave Lemkin
“An onstage natural” Chortle
“Some of the best character comedy you’ll see at this festival” The Herald Sun, Melbourne

Reviews For Bill Smarme & The Bizness
“Lots of visual comedy combined with great musicianship…extremely funny” – Maverick Magazine
“If there’s ever been a more crowded, noisier, happier evening …then it was probably on one of their previous visits”– Bath Chronicle